Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Tool #11

1. One of my favorite tools is YouTube.  It is helpful to show the students different videos.  I plan to have several videos about health fitness for the kids to choose from and discuss. 

2. At first I thought that there was no need for technology in the gym.  Now, I have discovered that it can be used for a lot of things.  For example, to give visual examples to aid the kids.  Also as a way to reinforce my objective.

3.  The only thing that surprised me was the amount of different web resources that are available. 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tool #10

1. Three things I want my students to know is:
     -You need to be polite and respectful online
     -Do not post anything (pictures, comments, videos) that you would be embarrassed to show your mom or dad
     -Once you write/post something online it is there forever.  You may think it is erased, but it is still there.
2. I plan to use iSafe as a reference for teaching digital citizenship to my students.
3. Depending on the age group I would find an appropriate video/powerpoint or create one to share with them what it means to be a good digital citizen. 
4. I would share it the same way as I did with the students.  That way they are on the same page and can discuss it further at home.

Tool #9

1.  It is important to tie technology to the objective so that the students know that there is a purpose to what they are doing or working on.  It is also a good way to integrate technology instead of using technology all by itself. 
2. It is important to hold students accountable because it keeps them more on task.  They realize that it is not just fun time, but learning time.
3. I visited Thinkfinity and Learning Games for Kids.  Students can use Thinkfinity as a resource to search for articles or other things using keywords.  For accountability you can have them fill out a graphic organizer or a notecard with what they learned.  Learning Games for Kids had games for health and that was nice.  You can have notecards with specific games for the students to visit/play and then have them say which one was their favorite and why.
4. One app is BMI (Body Mass Index).  Students can use it to how their weight compares to their health.
   Another app is Calorie Counter.  Students can use it to see the nutritional value of the foods they eat.
   Another app is RunKeeper Pro.  Students can use it to keep track of their mileage, calories burned, exertion graph, time spent exercising and miles per hour.
5. Other ways to use the ipod could be to take notes of what type of physical activities they did for the day/week along with what they eat.  I need to look into other health fitness apps and see how I can incorporate them into my centers/health fitness time.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Tool #8

1.  As far as I know, I am receiving some Ipod Touches in my gym.  Some things I learned is that I can download some music onto the devices.  I can also search for health fitness/PE related apps that the students can use during health fitness.

2. As far as using the devices, I plan to incorporate them into my center rotation.  I would like to have a list of websites/apps that the students should visit based on the unit of study.  As far as managing, my assistants and myself will be readily available to assist students with any questions or concerns and to monitor that the students are on task.  Also one of my assistants will make sure that all devices are accounted for at the end of the period.

Tool #7

1.  For my project I would like to collaborate with another school, perhaps Hollibrook since I know the teacher and the students.  The objective of my lesson would be for students to learn and research the different body systems their are as groups and then have them present what they have learned to the students at Hollibrook via Skype.  I think we can do this between Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks. 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Tool #6

1. The first tool I chose to investigate was Wallwisher.  It is pretty interesting and easy to access.  The first wall I did was about health tips.  I  have it where people can add healthy tips of their own.  I can use this with my students as a reflection piece for a unit/s.  I can also use it to pose questions regarding upcoming units to find out how much they know about what we will be learning.

2. The next tool I checked out was Poll Everywhere.  That one is pretty cool too.  I created a poll that I want to send out to the staff.  I can use this as a tool to find what the students enjoy the most or what they did over the weekend or what they ate, etc.  My concern is how they will answer the questions.  There is obviously not enough gadgets in the gym for each student and I wonder if multiple students can answer the question from a single device. It will be something that I will have to check out. 

Friday, August 10, 2012

Tool #5

1. It is interesting to see all of the different tools available. I chose to create an animoto video as my first tool.  I can use this tool to create videos of different activities that the students participate in such as Jump Rope for Heart and different fun runs.  These kinds of videos can also get the kids excited about sporting events such as Texans, Dynamo, Rockets, etc.  Click on the link to see my video.   Texans Game

2. For my second tool I chose Wordle.  It seemed fun and like something the students would enjoy creating.  If students create a wordle it can help them focus on what's important in the different units that I will be teaching them in my class. Health Fitness Wordle