Sunday, August 12, 2012

Tool #6

1. The first tool I chose to investigate was Wallwisher.  It is pretty interesting and easy to access.  The first wall I did was about health tips.  I  have it where people can add healthy tips of their own.  I can use this with my students as a reflection piece for a unit/s.  I can also use it to pose questions regarding upcoming units to find out how much they know about what we will be learning.

2. The next tool I checked out was Poll Everywhere.  That one is pretty cool too.  I created a poll that I want to send out to the staff.  I can use this as a tool to find what the students enjoy the most or what they did over the weekend or what they ate, etc.  My concern is how they will answer the questions.  There is obviously not enough gadgets in the gym for each student and I wonder if multiple students can answer the question from a single device. It will be something that I will have to check out. 

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